Why SETA Cloud?

Certified Experienced Engineers

We provide a huge cloud engineer pool, as well as a flexible working environment managed by seasoned professionals, allowing clients to concentrate on their main business. We master popular cloud infrastructures of Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), and Google (GCP).

Optimized Cost

We make every effort to minimize needless expenditures, to understand and manage where money is spent, to choose the most suitable and appropriate quantity of resources, to assess cost over time, and to scale to meet business needs without excess.

Domain Expertise

SETA International’s specialists can assist you in developing a data fabric strategy that is tailored to your business needs, allowing you to speed up innovation and increase business outcomes across your hybrid multi cloud infrastructure.

Service Expertise

Our team can assist clients from start to finish, from analysis through delivery and ongoing maintenance.

Our Services

Cloud Consulting

We've kept at the forefront of this cloud evolution, guiding our clients through adoption of virtualization and converged infrastructure solutions toward the software-defined infrastructure paradigm and all the benefits that come with cloud computing.


Our service removes friction to help maximize developer productivity, reduce time to market, and improve customer satisfaction.

Cloud Engineering & Migration

Reduce risk and simplify solution design, deployment, migration, and integration—on premises and in the cloud—to bring the benefits of new technology to your business faster.

Cloud Management & Optimization

Manage cloud tools and service providers with automated compliance, monitoring, optimization and governance. Simplify storage operations across your hybrid-cloud and on-premises environments.

Our Success Stories

Success is no easy accomplishment, but with a trusted partner and an effective collaboration, success comes to you without harsh tries. With us!


Veritone uses massive AI engines, applications on AWS and Azure cloud which continuously collect and synthesize overwhelming amounts of data to model, optimize, control smart grids and make smart decisions in real time.

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Aeris currently manages over 15 million devices and deals with 1.4 billion IOT messages per day. As such, Aeris needs to design a robust, secure, and highly reliable cloud infrastructure to offer best services for clients. Old system was built on AWS and was migrated to GCP for greater flexibility with more AI and big data processing capabilities.

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