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“I did not do offshore development before. SETA was referred by an entrepreneur. They have a wonderful project manager and language barrier is not a problem. The devs are hard-working, highly responsive, and dedicated, especially in crisis. Also, we do not have to care about HR tasks. SETA recruits resource speedily. During COVID pandemic, we suddenly served more than additional 50,000 users, which is impossible without SETA support. We are so pleased with SETA.”

Some Of Our Clients

Why Seta International?

01 Resource & Skill

Skilled and well trained resources with good/advanced English proficiency. Large resource pool and able to scale to any size

02 R & D

Strong R&D expertise in hot tech topics AI, VR/AR, and IOT.

03 Solution & Expertise

Proven solutions in various industries retail, education, games, insurance, etc


Apply rigorous and modern process in development, quality assurance, and project management.

The Seta Value Promise

World Class Capabilities

Our global team of experts become your dedicated partners from determining custom software solutions strategies to ensuring the best solutions to suit your business needs. From systems integrations to technical consulting, we will ensure a seamless experience.

400+ experts managing over 1,000 engagements

Success Beyond Completion

Once a project is completed, it’s not the end – it’s the beginning for your company. SETA is dedicated to working with you past project completion. SETA’s customers benefit from our exceptional technology consulting, software development management, and unique service model.

500 successful clients in 20 vertical markets

Proprietary Business Model

Experience the SETA difference with our proprietary onshore and offshore Hybrid Business Model. We provide maximum efficiencies without language, cultural or skill barriers.

10 years inspired by Fortune 100 business experience

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