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BlueEye is a prominent AI data platform that provides high-quality training data for AI models and applications while also shortening the AI development lifecycle.

BlueEye's objective is to reduce the time it takes to create AI applications by offering high-quality training data using smart tools, real-time and novel collaboration, flexible processes, and domain expert annotators.

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Sport Content Highlights

To speed up the process of sports content generation, media providers are looking into ways to have AI analyze the game footage and pick out the highlight-worthy moments automatically. A system powered by AI computing can decompose the video and analyze the game dynamics, excitement levels, and the context of the event, imitating the human brain’s perception.

Research & Development

Everything on the screen is recognized and classified by the system, including all foul categories, red cards, scoreboards, audience responses, and other replay-worthy situations. It also recognizes teams and individuals based on face and gear identification, opening up possibilities such as accumulating CR7's corner kicks and other hyper-specialized moments.

The ML-enabled engine has assisted the customer in:

  • Increase the value of content by capturing and reusing memorable soccer and gaming moments
  • Improve fan engagement on existing and new platforms
  • Begin the digital transformation process by redesigning traditional content creation

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