What We Offer?

Product Engineering

  • - Software and Firmware development.
  • - PCB design services.
  • - Electronic Manufacturing services. Quality assurance services.

Research & Development

Solution Research Consultancy.


We work with our clients to develop complete products, sub-systems or specific modules of the end products, tool-chain selection and training on advanced technologies.

How We Work?

Client association

We develop products as per client requirements and client process. Service charges will be calculated per hour basis or per feature basis.

Build & Deliver

We use our in house process to build quality solutions and deliver to customers. The entire project cost will be decided at the time of business proposal.

Solution Research Consultancy

Being experts in various embedded systems products such as cross-compilers, debuggers, analyzers, EDA tools - we can offer consultancy services and provide solutions using these proven and established technologies based on your requirements. We use our in-house process to provide cost effective R&D.


We conduct Kick-Start Workshops on ARM, Intel product lines. These workshops are used to introduce the latest technology and advances in technology to the Embedded Engineers and Managers. We also provide training on embedded tools and technologies at our customers locations on the embedded products and technologies we supplied.

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