Veritone needs to find a trust partner to help accelerate software development process based on follow-the-sun model with various talented resources in different technology stacks including AI model developments, data collection and labelling, testing, and application/mobile developments in Python, Go, NodeJS, React, Angular, and Flutter/React Native, while reducing the hassle of resource recruitment and management.


SETA was able to provide 40+ high-quality resources to support the development


The world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence, Veritone aiWARE, orchestrates a diverse ecosystem of ready-to-deploy machine learning models to transform audio, video, text, and other data sources into actionable intelligence, at scale, with no AI expertise. With aiWARE, leverage digital workers to save manual review time, gain valuable data insights, and cognitively enrich end-to-end workflows.


Smart biometric SSO combining AI and simultaneous MFA for easy, secure and private access to any application


Gain visibility into the behavior and performance of AI models, building trust and explainability and reducing risk.


Harness the power of your booking database to identify suspect leads faster and increase case clearance rates.


With Veritone Illuminate built on aiWARE, you can quickly and cost-effectively search, discover, analyze, cull and explore large amounts of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), including audio and video recordings, and text-based documents.


Attribute is a turnkey attribution solution that correlates broadcast ad placements of all formats, including pre-produced spots, organic mentions and live reads, with website interaction data in near real-time. Gain instant access to data-driven insights to inform ad optimization strategies, increase customer ROI, and strengthen buy-side relationships.

Automate Studio

Organizations embarking on intelligent process automation initiatives use Automate Studio to rapidly build and deploy AI-powered workflows and integrate resulting insights into business applications and processes. Transform audio, video, text and data content into actionable intelligence, at scale, with no AI expertise.


Save time and costs while freeing up valuable resources by using the AI-powered Veritone Redact to automate the redaction of sensitive information within audio, video and image-based evidence.


Determine and optimize energy supply mix, cost and profitability utilizing real-time forecasted demand, supply and price data.


Consisting of four AI-enabled applications, Veritone Essentials allows you to get the most value out of your visual and audio media. These applications, powered by aiWARE, allow you to instantly search, analyze, and share information like never before. With Essentials, you can easily search a broadcast in near real-time, set up alerts for content and topics, automate air-checks, and track and verify ads, sponsorships, endorsements, and more

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