SETA provides consultation, app and games development services for various industries including education, training, healthcare, and beyond

Highly skilled resources

We have a talent pool of dozens of highly skilled and experienced engineers, with deep expertise in AR/VR/MR technologies and in multiple business fields.

In-depth technology and domain expertise

We are certified and are able to master state-of-the-art technologies Unity, WebVR, Spark AR, and Visual Studio.

Affordable cost

We implement an onsite – offshore hybrid working model and leverage experience we already have in hundreds of AR/VR projects to save time and efforts for our clients.

Custom solutions for multiple platforms

SETA have worked with numerous platforms PlayStation VR (PSVR), Oculus Rift/Quest, Google Daydream, and Google Cardboard plus HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.

Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Success is no easy accomplishment, but with a trusted partner and an effective collaboration, success comes to you without harsh tries. With us!

Motion Global

Motion Global

MotionGlobal allows users to try on glasses via augmented reality, without having to go to real stores.

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